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Long days in the lab go by quickly

June 30, 2011

Week 3 June 20- June 24, 2011

The entire week was spent doing multiple trials of the control and the initial experimental conditions. The experimental conditions were exposing a plant to methyl jasmonate and looking at how the plants differ in rates of carbon fixation of COand then export of the carbon molecules formed, such as sugars, from the leaves to other tissues.  We examined these changes at different lengths of time after the initial exposure. The changes were tracked by use of a radioisotope of the carbon in the CO211C. The control plants were sampled at the same time points, but were not exposed to the methyl jasmonate. For each study, it took about four hours to do the sampling and processing for each time point per plant. In other words, one time point took the whole morning and another took the whole afternoon. We only had an hour break time for lunch and to set up for the next round of sampling. These studies were long but it still felt like it went by quickly.

On Monday and Tuesday, we did the control plants; Wednesday through Friday we did the experimental plants, those exposed to the methyl jasmonate. Next week we start analyzing data on the 11C exportation and fixation. It seems that we are getting great results so far.


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