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Good week: Abstract earns praise and data collection makes sense

July 22, 2011

Week 6 July 11 – July 15, 2011

Monday was maintenance day for the radiation lab. We were not allowed to work in the lab during that time. Instead, we did data analysis again on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday afternoon, Dr. Ferrieri treated mentors and students who worked at the lab to lunch. We went to a Chinese restaurant near the laboratory. After lunch, I went to meet Michael Stegman, who guides all students on how to write abstracts and posters. He told me my abstract was great overall with a few minor errors. He thinks that my project is really interesting and wants to learn more about it when I make my poster at the end of the program. The poster is something that all students in the SULI program must do at the end of the program with an overview of their project.

The rest of the week was spent doing multiple repeats of the initial experimental conditions since the pulser was fixed. For the experimental conditions, the plants were again exposed to methyl jasmonate. We did this on Wednesday through Friday.

The C-11 fixation, exportation, aboveground and below ground accumulation, and incorporation into phenolics and sugars data all seem excellent. The collection of data makes sense now. It feels great to know that your data is proving that our hypothesis is accurate!


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